Bringing great Ideas To Life For Over 20 Years

About us

A creative Duo With Outsized impact

With just two dedicated members, we operate like a tight-knit band of creative commandos. We may seem small in size, but we deliver an outsized impact thanks to superb collaboration. What we lack in numbers, we more than make up for in passion, talent, and relentless hustle to turn ambitious goals into tangible results.

Every client benefits from our focused attention and nimble process. No bloated teams or endless meetings here – just straight visionary creation fuelled by a tenacious drive to help brands win. Though tiny, our fierce crew has the experience and hustle to compete with agencies twice our size.

With access to an extensive network of like-minded creatives, we offer the focus of a highly dedicated agency with the power of  on-demand scalability.

The team

Grant slabbert

Marketing & Creative Direction

Tracy Hagerman

Production & Content

the codes we live by

what makes us different

creativity & Innovation

We believe that creativity is the foundation for innovation, and innovation is the engine of success.

integrity & trust

We work hard to build a reputation for honesty and transparency with our customers.

brand-first Approach

Our business is about helping customers build brands that are true to who they are. 

love digital

We are passionate about the power of digital. It’s the future, and it’s only going to get better.

going the extra mile

We are dedicated to making sure you get the best experience. So, we’re always looking for ways to make life easier for you.


We want to get the best results for you, and we know that the only way to do that is by working together.