Leroy Merlin Training Matrix

Leroy Merlin

Research, Graphic Design, illustration, Copy

When Leroy Merlin tasked us with designing their internal training catalogue, our first thought was to create a more functional document than what had previously been done. Understanding how training fits into the bigger picture for both the company and the reader’s career path would add even more value.

To help its readers better understand the bigger picture, how training supports their career development and the path they should follow to progress up the ranks, we developed a navigable “training map.”

Using gamification principles, the map provides information on the available course titles, duration, and available certifications. Starting from day one and the required onboarding to divergent paths into department-specific content.

Complete with a modern visual style and icon-driven wayfinding the information is also supported by illustrations making the tool easy for staff and managers alike.

Simple iconography ensures that the information is easily accessible and presented in a way that makes it easy to scan and digest quickly.

Provided in both printed book form as well as digital versions it is easily accessible by all Leroy Merlin employees.

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