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When Snomaster approached us to improve its online presence, we went to work on the digital strategy as the base from which to work. The strategy focussed on search engine optimisation to surface Snomaster products above competitors and using Google Ads to do the heavier lifting in the meantime. Content formed a large part of the ongoing work to activate their current database through blogs, email and social media to keep their audience engaged and the Snomaster brand top-of-mind.

We knew that creating a ton of lifestyle focussed content would broaden the appeal and drive traffic back to the site (and convert). We also knew that the Snomaster brand was a well-known, trusted and respected South African brand with a long history and a loyal customer base. We wanted the site to reflect that heritage, while still appealing to its existing audience.

The site was re-designed and optimised for SEO as well as mobile devices. We made sure it was easy for users to find what they needed without having too much clutter or noise.