LEROY MERLIN – A Ton and A half Of Pure Fun

Leroy Merlin

Concept, Video Production, Video Editing, Social Media

As a long-standing client, we were thrilled when Leroy Merlin tasked us with creating promotional videos for the opening of their new Fourways branch.

The brief was simple: “Build interest – don’t break the bank.”

We never shy from a challenge so we put our heads down to develop a strong concept that would carry it through without blowing out the budget.

Being social, it didn’t just have to be entertaining, it also needed to be locally relevant if it was going to grab the attention of the community.

With news of a hippo having escaped a local reserve and having made its way all the way to Fourways in recent months, we decided to bring him back again – for one more “appearance”.

It was a hit and the video went locally viral with a lot of engagement on local Facebook groups, just the audience we were after.

This was a solid idea, but it needed more than just one video – so we created two additional promos to further support the opening, each with different messages and themes but with quick appearances of the now-famous hippo.

To keep costs down and ensure that the campaign was as effective as possible, we shot and edited all three videos in-house and recruited the fantastic Leroy Merlin staff as the cast.

The result?

A “ton” of fun for everyone, and a hugely successful opening – all thanks to a particularly adventurous hippo, a fabulous bunch of people at Leroy Merlin and a simple application of the creative concept.

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