Elearning Developer vs Instructional Designer: Understanding the Key Differences

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Navigating the complex world of e-learning can be daunting. Whether you’re a business leader or an educator, understanding the roles that contribute to effective e-learning is crucial. That’s where eLearning developers and instructional designers come in. But what sets these two professions apart? Let’s find out.

What is an Elearning Developer?

An elearning developer is the technical wizard behind your digital learning experiences. They use specialised software to create interactive courses, quizzes, and simulations. Whilst their focus is primarily technical, the end goal is always to create content that is both informative and engaging.

If you’re looking to convert existing materials into a digital format, our Elearning Content Conversion services are tailored to meet your needs.

What is an Instructional Designer?

Instructional designers are the strategists of the e-learning world. They work with subject matter experts to design a curriculum that is both educational and compelling. A key part of their role involves pedagogy—the art and science of educational teaching methods. They apply this knowledge to create effective learning experiences. At JDP, our Custom E-learning Content services offer a hybrid approach that includes instructional design, taking you from strategy all the way through to execution.

Key Differences: Elearning Developer vs Instructional Designer

Here’s the lowdown:

  • Technical vs Pedagogical Focus: Elearning developers handle the technical aspects, whilst instructional designers focus on educational strategy and pedagogy. But why choose when you can have both? Our Custom E-learning Content services offer a comprehensive solution.
  • Tool Mastery vs Versatility: Elearning developers are experts in specific software, whereas instructional designers adapt to various educational platforms. If you’re looking to refresh your current e-learning modules, our Elearning Content Refresh services can help.
  • Content Creation vs Strategy: Elearning developers bring your content to life, whilst instructional designers create the blueprint. For a seamless blend of both, explore our Training Support Communications services.


  • What sets an instructional designer apart from an e-learning developer?
    • The focus differs, but at JDP, we offer a hybrid approach that covers both strategy and execution, including pedagogy.
  • Why hire an instructional designer?
    • For a comprehensive training solution that aligns with your business goals and incorporates pedagogical principles, an instructional designer is key. But why stop there? Our Custom E-learning Content services offer the best of both worlds.
  • How do these roles intersect in elearning content conversion and refresh?
    • Instructional designers identify areas for improvement, whilst e-learning developers implement those changes. Our Elearning Content Refresh services offer a holistic approach to both.


Understanding the roles of e-learning developers and instructional designers is just the beginning. At JDP, we offer a unique, hybrid approach that takes you from strategy to execution, ensuring a comprehensive and effective e-learning solution that incorporates pedagogical principles.

Ready to take your e-learning to the next level? Explore our full range of services.

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