Custom e-Learning Content Development South Africa

Tailored, Transformed, and Refreshed eLearning Solutions

In South Africa’s fast-moving business world, standard e-learning just doesn’t do the job. Juneday is all about creating custom e-learning solutions that fit what you need, turning your current material into something new, or giving it a modern twist to stay up to date.

custom training content providers south africa

The Heart of Effective

No two teams are the same, which is why our custom content development is focused on what works best for you.
But what makes custom training content so effective?

Affordable, Flexible eLearning Solutions

Our custom e-learning solutions are designed to fit all kinds of budgets, making sure high-quality learning doesn’t cost the earth.

Learning Made Just for You

We make learning content that suits each person’s way of learning, helping everyone stay tuned in and remember more.

Learning That Makes Sense for Your Field

We’re an eLearning content development company that makes sure your learning stuff is filled with real-life examples and situations that make sense for what you do.

Training That Helps Your Business Grow

Our training content development is all about helping you hit your business goals, filling in any skills gaps and helping your team do better.

How We Do It

Getting to Know What You Need

We start by chatting about what you're looking for, whether that's new content, a makeover for old materials, or just a refresh.

Making It Fun and Interactive

We're the kind of content development company that loves adding bits and bobs that make learning more than just reading off a screen.

Perfecting It Together

We'll work with you to tweak and polish the content until it's just right.

All Set for Your LMS

Your new eLearning content is ready to roll out, in just the right format for your learning management system. (SCORM, TINCAN Etc.)

Content Conversion

Giving Old Content a New Spark

Got some training material that’s gathering dust?
Let’s transform it into something interactive and fresh. Our content conversion gives your old stuff a new lease on life.

Resource Optimisation:

Converting existing training materials into interactive eLearning modules allows you to get the most out of your current resources, saving both time and money.

Consistency with a Twist:

While the core message remains the same, converting existing content allows you to add interactive elements, quizzes, and multimedia, making the training more engaging without losing its original essence.

Have Existing Materials That Need a New Life?

Content Refresh

Freshening Up Your eLearning

Things change, and so should your training content. We make sure your learning stuff stays fresh, interesting, and spot on.

Up-to-Date and Relevant:

We’re one of those eLearning content development companies that keeps your team in the know with the latest stuff.

Making Learning Exciting Again:

Bored of the same old content? We’ll spruce it up with the latest designs and interactive bits to get your team excited about learning again.

Is Your Training Content Feeling Stale?

Any Questions?

What formats can you convert into e-Learning content?

We can convert text documents, PDFs, PowerPoint slides, videos, and more

Good on Any Device?

Yep, all our eLearning content works like a charm on any device, making learning easy wherever you are.

How about ongoing support?

And don’t worry, we’re here to help keep everything running smoothly, even after we’ve delivered your content.